Islamic Terrorist Attack In France While Citizens Locked For Speech

The Situation In France, Sweden, Germany And England, Is Desperate, People Are Being Prosecuted For Speech, For Words, For Satire. Marine Le Pen Is Facing Three Years In Prison For Posting Pictures Of ISIS To Draw Attention To The Atrocities?


Alex Jones Responds To David Hogg Gay Frogs Controversy

The Number One Issue That Is Affecting All Forms Of Life On the Planet! Be Advised, The Criminal Corporate Globalist Elites Agenda Is To End The Family, Make Men More Feminine, Make Women More Male, Make Them Sterile, And Then Phase Humans Out Altogether.” – Aldus Huxley Read For Yourself In His Book ‘Brave New World’.

Mumps Outbreak Linked To Vaccines Losing Potency

The media has hyperfocused on some recent cases of mumps across the country. The narrative, as per the usual, originally blamed the unvaccinated for their “careless” decision to pass on giving mumps, or MMR, vaccines to their children. One of the biggest media melodramas to play out was the case of the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) All-Star National Championship in Dallas, whereas Texas health officials claimed that 25,000 attendees had been exposed to a single mumps case. As it stands, not one further case has been reported. NOW, CNN has run an article which essentially blames a “waning MMR vaccine” for not offering enough longterm protection from Mumps. Translation: It is the vaccinated who are spreading mumps.

CNN cites a new study from the journal Science Translation Medicine that challenges mumps vaccine efficacy. The solution, according to a Harvard researcher, is, you guessed it, another vaccine, or, “booster.”

“The pattern we observed is a lot more consistent with what we would expect from a waning vaccine,” said Joseph A. Lewnard, co-author of the study and a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health. This is “a reassuring message” so far as it’s a relatively simple problem to solve.

Since 1977, children have been given two doses of the MMR vaccine, a vaccine that was marketed as a lifetime’s worth of coverage. Now the house of cards seems to be falling down and the unvaccinated are unable to be blamed. Instead, those who did get vaccinated haven’t been vaccinated enough.

Are we at a point of coming so full circle that the vaccinated will become, categorically, the unvaccinated?Of course, this leaves out the reasonable possibility that the vaccine’s potency isn’t waning, rather, mumps as a virus is navigating and evolving. That’s what viruses do, of course, just look at the flu’s response to flu shots and anti-bacterial wipes. Strains evolve and find ways to infect us. When they do circumvent our medical interventions, they tend to be more robust and powerful versions of themselves.



Globalist Elites Flee To Secluded Shelters For Coming Corporate AI World War

Hey, All You ANTIFA Methheads And Evil Globalist SOB’s That Want To Burn It All Down, If President Trump Cannot Stabilise The Country, And If Alliances And Peace Deals Aren’t Made, With All The Countries That Have Bio-Weapons, There Is Going To Be A Huge World War, And A Worldwide Depression That Not Many Will Survive. 

The World Is On A Train Track To A Very Bad Place! Wake Up Now People, Start Getting Informed Before It’s Too Late!


The Spy Who Didn’t Die & Other Lies From New Cold War

Why didn’t Skripal & his daughter die from toxic nerve gas exposure? Why didn’t the first responder doctor who treated the daughter get sick? Where were they exposed? Where did the gas come from? Many questions are still unanswered but Theresa May & Nikki Haley have solved the crime and administered the punishment as they fabricate a narrative for war.

Kiriakou: Setting The Record Straight On Gina Haspel & Torture

ProPublica retracted a detail in their report that accused Gina Haspel of being involved in torture. The retraction has caused many to label reports of her complicity as “fake news” and has been used to attack Rand Paul’s opposition to her as CIA head. John Kiriakou, who was there and went to prison for blowing the whistle on CIA torture, joins David Knight and sets the record straight.

Teacher Punished: Taught Kids To Think About Free Speech

Julianne Benzel, a California high school history teacher, joins David Knight to talk about what happened to her when she discussed free speech & the approaching student protest, “17 for 17”. She challenged her students to consider if other issues supported by a different constituency (e.g. pro-life) should have protests where students leave class or school. Here’s what the students said and what the administration did to the teacher.