Proof vaccines are NOT tested before approval — WATCH NOW!

The Vaccine Advisory Panel, called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), is the group that approves vaccines for public use. Most members have connections to the pharmaceutical (aka vaccine) industry. This 4-minute video was taken from a recent ACIP meeting discussing the approval of a new Hepatitis B vaccine for ADULTS. The vaccine uses a new ingredient that has NEVER been used before… Pre-approval studies signaled an increase in heart attacks…but under pressure from vaccine makers, the committee unanimously APPROVES the vaccine. Meaning…YOU ARE THE TEST SUBJECT! But your doctor won’t tell you that…

This May Account For The Fact That The Vaccine Court Has Paid Compensation To Families Of, So far, $4.5 Billion To Families For Vaccine Death And Injury. 

THE DARK SIDE OF PHARMA – Its Not About Improving Health, Its About Creating Return Customers

The Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn’t Care About Cures, They Care About Profit And Customers Who Become Locked Into Repeat Drug Use Via Their Main Money Maker, Vaccines, The Neurotoxins In Vaccines Create Return Customers For Other Drugs! Ninety Nine Percent Of Vaccine Injury Reports Are Discarded Just After They Are Reported. $4.5 Billion Is Still Paid Out For Vaccine Death And Injury.




Marxist/Socialists Control The Narrative Of Mainstream Media Pushing The Fake Climate Alarmist Agenda

 These Liars And Propagandists That Are Causing Children To Give Up On Life, And Some To Suicide, Should Be Charged With Criminal Fraud! CO2 Is Not A Pollutant, It Is The Breath Of Life! The ‘Club Of Rome’ Was Established In 1968 With The Specific Task Of Exploiting Environmental Issues To Justify A Global Transformation Agenda And From This Has Come The Human Caused Global Warming Hoax.The Overwhelming Contribution To Green House Gases Comes From Water Vapour and Clouds And The Majority Of Carbon Dioxide (without which we’d all be dead) Is Naturally Occurring.

Climate Change Blamed On Human Activity Is The Manufactured Excuse To Justify Fascistic/Communistic Centralisation Of Control Through United Nations Deceptions Known As Agenda 21 And Agenda 2030. 

Forced Mandatory Vaccination Is Enacted By Deep State Globalist Cabal Depopulation Agenda: Major General Bert Stubblebine

Mainstream Media Continuously Push The False Narrative That Vaccines Are Safe And Effective. The Supreme Court Has Ruled That Vaccines Are ‘Unavoidably Unsafe’. If they were Safe And Effective, Then Explain How VAERS Has Paid Out, And This Is The Latest Figure, Over $4.5 Billion In Compensation To Families For Vaccine Injury And Death! I Am Sick To My Stomach When I See These Precious Lives Being Lost, By The Globalist Luciferian Cabal Eugenics Depopulation Agenda. These Satanist Are Culling The Global Population. And My Recently Deceased Friend Major General Bert Stubblebine Agreed. R.I.P. General Bert Your Work Will Continue!


Preparing for FLU-POCALYPSE – Big Pharma And Their Mouthpiece Mainstream Media Inciting Fear To Push Their Neurotoxic Vaccines

Yes, People Die From THE FLU SHOT! And Big Pharma Expect You To Take This Neurotoxic Filth So That They Might Continue To Make Profit From You. And the Disgusting Lying Propagandising Mouthpiece of Evil, Globalism, And Tyranny Mainstream Media Is Promoting This Cocktail Of Neurotoxic Poison, That Is At Best, Ten Percent Effective, And That’s If It Doesn’t Kill You! (Picture Of One Person Who Bought Into the Hype, And Sadly Died Just Hours After Being Given The Flu Shot. See Below.


Richard Branson, Climate Alarmist And Worlds Biggest Hypocrite!

While Posing And Touting The Fake Climate Alarmist Agenda, That Is Terrorising Young Children, Causing Many To Commit Suicide Believing The Marxist/Socialist Lie That The World Is Dying! It’s The Most Disgusting Horrific Scam In The History Of The World. Branson, You Disgusting Piece Of Filth, It Appears That There Is Nothing You Won’t Do For Publicity. There Is Nothing Wrong With The Climate, And More And More Intelligent People Are Waking To This Truth Daily!



Vaccines Are NOT Safe And Effective – Dr Suzanne Humphries

Dr Suzanne Humphries Left Her Very lucrative Position At A Prestigious Hospital To Expose The ‘Vaccines Are Safe And Effective’ Lie, Because Her Patients Were Being Damaged, Some Were Dying From The Neurotoxic Ingredients In Vaccines. Most Of The Medical Profession Are So Indoctrinated. By Big Pharma, Who Design The Medical Curriculum, That They Refuse To Look At The Facts. Vaccines Contain, Mercury, Aluminium, Formaldehyde, And Aborted Diseased Foetal Tissue. Our Children’s Futures Are Being Destroyed  By Big Pharma And The Vaccine Cartels Greed! Trillions Of Dollars Are Generated From Vaccine Manufacture.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Alvin Moss, M.D.

Mainstream Media Continuously Push The False Narrative That Vaccines Are Safe And Effective. The Supreme Court Has Ruled That Vaccines Are ‘Unavoidably Unsafe’. If they were Safe And Effective, Then Explain How VAERS Has Paid Out, And This Is The Latest Figure, Over $4.5 Billion In Compensation To Families For Vaccine Injury And Death! I Am Sick To My Stomach When I See These Precious Lives Being Lost, By The Globalist Luciferian Cabal Eugenics Depopulation Agenda. These Satanist Are Culling The Global Population. And My Recently Deceased Friend Major General Bert Stubblebine Agreed. R.I.P. Bert Your Work Will Continue!

Alert: ‘Sleeping Giants Oz’ Is A Marxist/Socialist Domestic Terrorist Group, And An Arm Of Extinction Rebellion Also A Domestic Terrorist Group

This Domestic Terrorist Group ‘Sleeping Giants’ Relies On Bluff And A Handful Of Anonymous Keyboard Warriors, Who Through Automated Software, Managed To Score 26000 Twitter Mentions This Year, Against Independent Conservative Sky News Alone! Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison Has Called Out This Marxist/Socialist Domestic Terrorist Group, And Is Taking Action Against Them. This Is The Attempted Takedown Of Western Culture, And Heterosexuality, Globally, By This Communist Filth. 

Extinction Rebellion, Another Domestic Terrorist Group


We Chose Not To Poison Our Children With Neurotoxic So Called Vaccines So Our Children Would Have A Future!

We need to stop giving hospitals business. They only screw up the natural process of birth. And then they “make” you give toxins to your baby to “Allow” you to go home??? Doctors have zero knowledge of vaccine ingredients, ZERO! Medical school tells them that vaccines are safe and effective. The Supreme Court has ruled that Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe. This is not health care, its about profit for Big Pharma and the Vaccine Cartels, Who. By the way design the curriculum for Medical School!

CDC Senior Scientist Dr William Thompson Acknowledges That The MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

 This fact has been reported previously. Just to be clear, Senior Scientist At The CDC Centre For Disease Control Stated that the CDC had known for quite some time that the MMR vaccine caused autism and covered up that fact!

Dr Suzanne Humphries Board Certified MD, Nephrologist, Speaks Out Against The Medical Profession Being Given Misinformation Regarding Vaccines.

Investigative Journalist Exposes Massive Corruption At The CDC (Centre For Disease Control)

Mercenary Scientists were engaged by the CDC to doctor data on vaccines to show that dangerous ingredients had been removed from vaccines to debunk the MMR vaccine link. The Mercury, Aluminum, and Formaldyhyde were never removed. It appears that the CDC is an entrenched part of the Deep State. The CDC is untouchable.

Can You Handle The Truth? What If Everything You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie?

We Are Propagandised And Lied To By Mainstream Media,The Mouthpiece For The Globalist Luciferian Cabal, And The Public Education System Of Indoctrination That Pollutes The Minds of Our Children With LGBTQ Lies, And the Were All Going To Die Climate Fake Alarmist Agenda, Which Is The Marxist Socialist Progressive Takedown Of Western Culture, The Family Unit And The Fall Of HeterosexualityTo Further Cement The Insanity Of The LGBTQ Agenda.

Sending Our Children To  Public Schools Is the Same As Sending them To Be Educated At Jeffrey Epstein High!


Aldous Huxley and Brave New World: The Dark Side of Pleasure, A Sea Of Irrelevance Leading To Our Enslavement

A Distracted And Dumbed Down Population Is Achieved By Drowning The Minds Of The People In Mindless Entertainment. The Citizenry Are Encouraged To Participate In A Sea of Irrelevance, Instead Of Activities That Would Advance Humanity And Knowledge, Mindless Distractions Such As Football, Tennis, And Other Dumbing Down Activities, So That Their Approaching Slavery Will Not Been Seen, And What Is Really Happening In The World Will Not Be Noticed.

It Has Been Established That The Hep B Vaccine Causes Brain Damage

The Alarming Hepatitis B Vaccine Studies Every Parent Should See. Dr Zhibin Yao Department Of Anatomy And Neurobiology School Of Medicine, Sunyat-sen University PR China, Has Proven That The Hep B Vaccine Causes Brain Damage. Why Isn’t This Being reported By The Mainstream Media? VAERS, The Vaccine Court Has Paid Over $4.5 Billion In Compensation To Families For Vaccine Damage And Death! And Yet Only One (1%) Percent Of Vaccine Death And Injuries Are Reported.

Why Can’t People Make The Leap From the Overwhelming Proof To the Obvious Eugenics Depopulation Agenda That Is Occurring? Because Its Too Terrible To Contemplate? Because They Don’t Want To Face It? Until We Face This Destruction Of Our Children’s Future More Will Die From The Neurotoxic Ingredients, Mercury, Aluminium, Formaldehyde, Aborted, Contaminated Foetal Tissue That Has been Established To Be In These Poisonous Concoctions That Are falsely Labelled Vaccines! 

Proof That The CDC Lied, Covered Up The Vaccine/Autism Link In Vaccines

In this newly released extended scene from the film “Vaxxed,” director Andrew Wakefield discusses journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s interview with Frank DeStefano, the lead author of the CDC paper portrayed in “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe.” In this interview, DeStefano claims he has no awareness of the concerns of the CDC Whistleblower, William Thompson, regarding what was discovered in the paper (the link between the MMR and autism). Wakefield discusses how letters from Thompson to DeStefano shows otherwise.



My Childs Future Was Destroyed By Big Pharma Greed And Vaccines

The Medical Profession NEVER Associate Vaccines With Injury Or Death, Even When A Child Immediately Collapses After Vaccination. Its Time Doctors Stopped Being So Damned Brain Washed By Big Pharma And Look At The Evidence In Front Of Their Eyes. It Is No Coincidence That Big Pharma And The Vaccine Cartels Design The Curriculum For Medical Schools! Its About The Trillion Dollar Profit, And Nothing To Do With Health Care. VAERS Vaccine Court Has Paid $4.5 Billion In Compensation  To Parents For Vaccine Death And Injury. The Supreme Court Has Ruled That Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe! 

Warning: Marxist/Socialists Assault And Planned Takedown Of West Under Way

Marxist Socialists/Leftists Are Organising In Every Western Country And Attempting To Bring Down Western Culture, Values, Christianity, Sovereignty, Human Rights And Everything That The West Values Using Different Methods Such As The Fake Climate Alarmist Agenda. ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Leaders Have Openly Admitted That They Want To Bring Down Government’s (See Below). ANTIFA Worldwide Are Also A Part Of This Agenda. 


Europe’s Green Fall And The Climate Alarmist Scam – The Death Of Europe

Europe’s Marxist/Socialist Leaders Are Attempting To Reach Zero Carbon Emissions, WHY?? Carbon CO2 Is NOT A Pollutant, It Is the Breath Of Life, There Is Currently A Shortage of Carbon On Planet Earth, Without Carbon, CO2, All Plant Life Would Die, And Humanity Would End. This Is Marxist Socialist Insanity, Without Fossil Fuels, Life Will End! The Green,Socialist/Marxists Insanity Must End, If It Continues To Escalate Humanity Will End! Wake Up People You’re Being Scammed!

My Daughter Is Injured For Life By The Flu Vaccine

The Flu Shot Put Me In A Wheelchair For One Year. I Could Barely Walk. Then Child Protective Services Became Involved Because I Couldn’t Attend School (Indoctrination Camp). There Is No Cure For The Muscle Disease That I Have. I Also Have Heart Problems. We Now Have A Vaccine Injury Attorney.


The Flu Shot Paralysed Me, I Almost Died. Then They Wanted To Give Me The Pneumonia Vaccine

The Flu Shot Gave Me Pneumonia, Or So The Hospital Told Me, Later It Was Found That I Did Not Have Pneumonia, When I Arrived Home I Collapsed On The Floor And Could Not Move. I Was Taken To Hospital And They Told Me I Was Faking And Should Go Home? I Was In Hospital For 24 Days. My Blood Was Contaminated, And I Was Paralysed. They Told Me I Was Going To Die! I Didn’t, This Was My Wakeup Call, I Hope It Is Yours!

Hello, my name is Lisa Marks Smith and I have a flu shot injury.
I am VAERS ID 251221.
I received a settlement through the Vaccine Court Case No 08-723V.
You read that flu shot injuries are rare and mild but that has not been my experience.

Climate Change Fear Mongering Is Destroying The Mental Health Of Our Youth

Our Schools, (Indoctrination Camps) Are Encouraging This Insanity, And Children Are Being Punished By So Called Teachers If They Don’t Agree With This Scam! It Is Not An Exaggeration To State That This Fear Mongering Is A Deliberate Attempt To Remove Western Values, Free Speech, Freedoms And to Initiate Chaos By Marxist Socialists Groups To Overthrow Western Culture And Values. 

Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down

We Have Become Populations of Sheep Easily Led Into Our Oncoming Tyranny. Public Schools Don’t Teach Us How To Think, They Tell Us What To Think, The Current Fake Climate Change, Global Warming Agenda Is Promoted Heavily. The Role of Public Schools Is To Train People For Obedience And Conformity. Making Them Controllable And Indoctrinated. The Mainstream Media Is Dominated By Individuals Who Adhere To An Elitist Ideology.

The Climate Hoax: Adults Exploiting Children For A Political Agenda

Its Not About The Environment, It Is The Communist Marxist Movement Attempt To Overthrow Western Culture And Values! Its All About Power And Control. The Globalist Luciferian Cabal Agenda To Remove Our Freedoms. Marxists Have Stated That The One Thing Standing In Our Way Is Democracy. Brainwashing Our Children Into Believing That They Are Saving the World, When In Fact They Are Sleep Walking Into An Orwellian Tyranny.

Mainstream Media Influencing Elections And Flat Out Lying About The Global Warming Hoax

Stating That Islands Are Disappearing, When In Fact They Are Growing! ‘Extinction Rebellion’ The Organisers Of The Fake Global Warming Demonstrators Have Openly Stated That The Demonstrations Have Nothing To Do With Climate Change And Everything To Do With Overthrowing Western Values And Ushering In A Communist Marxist, LGBTQ Agenda. And Mainstream Media Is Supporting This! 

William Tompkins, US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer Last lecture – Warns Of Global Disinformation

William Tomkins (Recently Diseased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief, Warns Of Global Disinformation And Other Assaults On Humanity By Malevolent Entities. All Of Our Media, Television Programs, News, Books Are So Utterly Full Of Disinformation.


MKUltra Subliminal Messaging Programming Is Routinely Used On the Public To Control Their Perception Of Reality Via Their Television Set. This Control Of Human Perception And Knowledge Originated Thousands Of Years Ago.


Brain Damaged By Vaccines

The Specialist Stated “Vaccines May Have Damaged Your Child, But I Cant Say For Sure.”? Hmmmm, Good Chance I Think, When You Consider That VAERS. Vaccine Court Has Paid Out Over $4.5 Billion Dollars In Compensation To Families For Death And Damage, And Only One Percent Of Vaccine Damage Is Reported By Parents. (Feel inspired by this powerful and articulate mother who describes how she put all of the pieces together of her children’s vaccine injuries.)

Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing. – Voltaire  1692-1788

Doctors Are Given Zero Information In Medical School On Vaccines Save Being Told That vaccines Are Safe And Effective, And You Much Stick To The Schedule. The Supreme Court Has Unanimously Ruled That Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe! It Will Give You No Comfort To Know That Big Pharma And The Vaccine Manufacturers Design The Curriculum For Medical School.

The Great Culling Has Begun! – Maj General Bert Stubblebine Deceased. Vaccines Are The Globalist Luciferian Cabals Eugenics Depopulation Agenda. 

The ABC’s Agenda ‘Is To Undermine The Cohesion Of The Nation’

The ABC, Mainstream Media Finally Uncloaks Its True Agenda, Three Shows In A Seven Month Period, Featuring Aboriginal Activists Calling For Arson Against A Wickedly Racist Australia? They Are Inciting Criminal Violence Against Western Traditions And Culture, Much like ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Are Doing In The Fake Climate Change Agenda Which Is Actually Cloaking The Communist Socialist Attempted Takedown Of Our Western Culture And Values! Again, Mainstream Media Are The Mouthpiece Of The Globalist Luciferian Cabal!

Goodbye Australia Day, Welcome To Yabun Day?

Sydney Mayor, Darcy Burn Fears That Australia Day Celebrations Would Hurt The Feelings Of Many Aboriginals. Yes, Especially The Radical  Crowd. Perhaps Darcy Should Issue Crayons And Colouring Books To These Radical Leftist Morons And Provide Them A Safe Space Where They Can Carry On Their Ridiculous Butt Hurt Feelings And let Australians, And That means ALL Australians Celebrate Their National Day! A Part Of The Marxist Socialists Attempted Takedown Of Western Culture, Sovereignty And Values!  

We Need To Protect The Children – William Tompkins US Naval Intelligence Aerospace Engineer And Section Chief Of Apollo Program Warning To Humanity

I Really Struggle With Exposing This Threat To Humanity Because It Sounds Totally Unbelievable, Questions My Credibility, And May Prevent Much Of The Other Information That I Am Aware Of Being Accepted As Truth. But The Threat Is Real, And Needs To Be Exposed! There Are Many Videos Of The Recently Deceased William Tompkins On YouTube That Can Be Referenced, And That Speak To Bills Credibility. 

William Tompkins US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief, Warns Of Global Disinformation And Other Assaults On Humanity By Malevolent Entities. 

Watch Closely And See The Reaction Of These Whistleblowers When They Are Asked About The Draco.


The ABC No Longer Even Pretends To Be Balanced’ Mainstream Media Is The Enemy Of The People

The Globalist Cabal Mouthpiece, Mainstream Media ABC Flaunts Its Evil Agenda Of Anti Humanity, Family, Justice, Common Sense, And Basic Decency And Human Rights! It Is Time For The General Public To Wake Up To The Propaganda And Indoctrination And Mind Control That They Are Being Subjected To, And Just Stop Watching Mainstream Media!


So Called Eleven Thousand Climate Scientists Calling For A Climate Emergency Are A Total Fraud

Mainstream Media Announce The Details Of This Scam Without Even Checking The Details! None Of These So Called Climate Scientists Are Even Scientists. The Mainstream Media Are The Enemy Of The People. The Same Propagandists Who Conned 400.000 Australians To Cry Out For The Prime Minister To Declare A Climate Emergency That Doesn’t Even Exist!



Climate Emergency Declared By Many Scientists, Denied Due To Overwhelming Evidence To The Contrary By Millions

In A Ridiculous Attempt To Keep The Fake Climate Alarmist Agenda Going, The Latest Spoof Is To Claim That Eleven Thousand Scientists Around The World Have Declared A Climate Emergency. I’m Embarrassed To Say that My City Of Sydney Also. The Gullibility Of People In Believing Whatever They Are Fed By The Globalist Cabal Mainstream Media is Staggering. However, Hundreds Of Millions Including Millions of Scientists Have Not Declared A Climate Emergency, And Are Awake To The Communist Socialist Attempt To Destroy The Sovereignty Of Western Countries.

 Why Do We Have Carbon Emission Targets If Carbon CO2 Is Not A Pollutant, And This Has Been Established As Fact, It Is The Breath Of Life, And There Is A Shortage of Carbon Currently, And Ninety Seven Percent Of Greenhouse Gasses Are Water Vapour.? Just How Much Longer Are We Expected To Go Along With This Farce?

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Extinction Rebellion Founders Admit That The Demonstrations Are Not About Climate. They Are About Overthrowing Governments To Bring In A Leftist LGBTQ Agenda And Ending Male Heterosexuality And So called White Supremacy! 

‘Hot Mic’ Leaked Video Shows ABC News Covered For Epstein, Clinton

An ABC insider has leaked a video of Good Morning America host Amy Robach discussing how ABC ditched her bombshell Epstein story that involved Virginia Roberts Giuffre. In the video, Robach claims she would expose former President Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. Proof yet again, that Mainstream Media Are Liars And Propagandists, The Mouthpiece For the Globalist Cabal, And the enemy Of The People!