These Vaccines Are Not Needed and Dangerous! – Every Single Vaccine Causes Encephalitis, Or Brain Swelling – Dr Michael Farley

Many Children Are Subjected To The HepB Vaccine Immediately After Birth?? Hepatitis B Can Only Be Spread Sexually Or Through A Needle. How Many Sexually Active Newborns, Or Newborns That Are Doing Drugs Do You Know? This Is Total BS. There Is No Justification For It At All. Every Single Vaccine Causes Encephalitis Or Brain Swelling.                                       – Dr Michael Farley 

Vaccines Are Deployed For Eugenics And Population Control! They Destroy Natural Immunity! Vaccines Contain Neurotoxins. Thimerasol, Formaldehyde, Mercury. The Supreme Court Has Stated That Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe! And the Proof Of That Statement Can Be Substantiated By The Vaccine Court That Has Paid Out In Excess Of $4.7 Billion Dollars In Compensation To Families That Have Suffered Death And Injury Due To Vaccination. This Evil Practice Must be Ended. 


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