Melbourne Minister Outraged Replies And Confronts Planned Parenthood On Behalf Of The Thousands Of Defenceless And Precious Unborn Babies Facing Horrendous Abortion, At The Hands Of Callous Hearted And Destructive Professionals

A recent article that I posted entitled, (WARNING: Extremely GRAPHIC – Video Shows PROOF That Late-Term Abortion Is Outright Child Murder. Here is a link to that article. ) so outraged a friend of mine who is a Baptist Minister that he confronted planned parenthood at their offices and published the article below. 

Image: WARNING: Extremely GRAPHIC – video shows PROOF that late-term abortion is outright child murder


The gloves are off! I AM ANGRY AND OUTRAGED! The catalyst for this pamphlet is the recent blocking and deporting of Troy Newman of the US “Operation Rescue” which is committed to the saving of the lives of unborn babies. His compassionate message was needful for Australians but was gagged by political lies and bureaucratic legalism.

The following is my protest.

It is “R Rated”; is definitely politically incorrect; is intentionally discriminatory; is “in your face”; is certainly intolerant; is an exposure of evil; is a passionate protest; is a clarion call for the saving of the innocent and a shaming of the perverse politicians and bureaucrats (and their successors) who devised the Laws  that sanction the despicable and murderous act of abortion. Abortion is:

A Abominable         ( Human life is precious, personal and full of potential  and

B Beastial should be sacred and valued. However, it can be fraught by danger            

O Outrageous      distortion and even death subsequent to the wonder of birth.

R Reprehensible  

T Treacherous  There are some well-documented causes of the untimely death

 I Iniquitous    people in Australia which have incurred the expenditure of millions       

Onerous      and if not billions – of taxpayers dollars.

N Nefarious                 


Hereunder are some with average annual numbers:

                         Death through Alcohol:                  6,000

                         Death through Drugs:                     2,000         

                         Death through Road Trauma:        1,500         

                         Death through Family Violence:         50         

                         Death through Suicide:                    2,000


All are dangerous and deadly but could be prevented. However, these numbers are small compared with the numbers of family and relatives who for the rest of their respective lives suffer the loss, grief and pain that results from the death of their loved one.  Then there is the vast – well-nigh incalculable – numbers who escaped death but remain incapacitated to varying degrees. 



 While the numbers of deaths listed above are awful, they are nowhere as horrendous as those maliciously caused within the womb by the bitches and bastards who brazenly perform the thousands of abortions each year in Australia. Here are the scandalous statistics: The average annual abortions numbers about seventy thousand! This means that in the 54 years since 1968,( when the politicians legitimised abortion)   the slaughter and trashing of about 3,780, 000 unborn Australians has occurred. Assuming that there have been some “unofficial” abortions as well during this period, it is probable that in the past half-century about FOUR MILLION promising Australians have been consigned to the sewers and trash buckets of the numerous abortion clinics in our country – and or had their body parts sold to sadistic and scurrilous professionals. This is tantamount to culpable infanticide. 

From the moment of conception, a human being and unique entity exist and all the future gifts, talents and abilities are extant in that embryonic male or female individual – regardless of the cause of that conception be it by intention, unexpectedness or even rape. Every life as conceived definitely deserves the opportunity to be born in due time and given the responsibility and right to grow up to their full potential.

Of all actions that are wicked, wanton or wretched, the act of abortion is the most heinous, horrendous and horrific – especially for the innocent, defenceless and vulnerable embryonic person. Those who advocate allowing and action this sinister slaughter are veritable “bitches” and “bastards”. The Collins Australian Pocket Dictionary of 1981 defines bitch as “a female dog; a malicious spiteful woman” and a bastard as “illegitimate by birth; an obnoxious or despicable person, something extremely difficult or unpleasant”. Clearly, these distasteful appellations exemplify the innate character and motivation of the abortion fraternity. Abortionists are destructive and deliberate exterminators of innocent, defenceless and beautiful living human beings. They are as callous as they are contemptible and should be publically named and shamed. They should certainly not be concealed behind a veil of professional privacy as they perform their damnable and destructive acts of murderous carnage.

Now for a word regarding those who are truly responsible and are the generators of this destructive trade; I refer to the males who in fact impregnate these thousands of women. I do not call these males “men” nor are they “manly” and they are certainly not “gentlemen of character”. They do not treat women with respect, honour or common decency, nor indeed with appropriate care, support and comfort.

Lust, lechery, fornication, adultery, licence, inebriation, drug abuse or general irresponsibility are usually the cause of the unplanned pregnancy imposed on the vulnerable or irresponsible woman. The males who are responsible, should wear the shame and be openly named. It is men who cause the pregnancy that gives rise to the iniquitous and destructive practice of abortion. Instead of accepting responsibility, most with cowardly intent skulk away and desert the women they have shamed and scurerosusly abandon the life they sired. 

So the abortion perversity is in fact caused by men – not women. Australia needs true men to understand the problem, accept responsibility, devise a solution and strategy and join a group who will be a part of a solution to terminate abortion as a legal right, reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and provide care for any illegitimate but valued children.

Women and girls who are unwillingly pregnant should not be encouraged to abort the precious life within their womb. Nor should they be treated with contempt or condemnation. Rather she should be encouraged to go full term and deliver her baby. Should such not choose to care for her unique new-born person, he or she could be cared for by an appropriate care Group, or a Couple (adoption) or a family member etc..

Also, the new baby should not be regarded as “unacceptable” or “immoral” or as a human reject. As a VIP (very important person) the infant should or could be raised within a positive and edifying atmosphere on the initiative of the State or Church

THE LOSS OF FOUR MILLION ABORTED AUSTRALIANS IS INCALCABLE! IMAGINE HOW MUCH STRONGER AUSTRALIA WOULD BE IF THESE MURDERED UNBORN HAD LIVED AND THEIR ACCUMULATED GIFTS, TALENTS AND ABILITIES WERE NOW BEING EXPRESSED WITHIN OUR NATION. Instead, their blood is on our collective heads and the abominable abortion fraternity continue to ply their despicable and degenerate trade thus ensuring that the culpable and contemptable slaughter of thousands of unborn Australians will continue with arrogant impunity AND    sanctioned by barbaric and evil Australian Law! 

However, all is not gloom and doom IF one addresses the real issue and that issue is an old fashioned, unambiguous and hell-deserving sin. Bitches and Bastards, and indeed all associated with the abortion atrocity, can be forgiven IF they repent of their wanton evil, seek forgiveness and avail themselves of God’s astounding atonement on the basis of Christ’s substitutionary death on Calvary. Triumph can come out of tragedy; Redemption out of abject dissipation; Purity out of squalid filth and a new life out of destitution. Even the baby born out of rape can become an astounding, pure and inspiring person who brings blessing, encouragement and hope to thousands.

Go to Google and see “Ethel Waters singing ‘His Eye is on the Sparrow’” and be uplifted and inspired by this lady who was conceived by rape and discarded but who found new life through her relationship with Jesus. Today, such a woman can also be “set free” by Jesus!  

POSTSCRIPT:  Read TIME of October 5th, 2015 re the David Daleiden expose and the re-ignited Abortion Debate. There is still time for right-minded and responsible men and women to join and support existing Right to Life campaigns to reduce and or eliminate the iniquitous pro-abortion atrocity within Australia. 

On behalf of the thousands of defenceless and precious unborn babies facing horrendous abortion, at the hands of callous hearted and destructive professionals, I am,

Yours most sincerely,

Bob Payne.  

 (Rev. R.R.(Bob) Payne. L.Th., OAM. Baptist Minister, Ret.)