BREAKING: Breast Cancer Gene SCANDAL: Half The Women Who Undergo Mastectomies Found To Have Harmless Gene Variant, NOT Cancer

Half of the women who undergo bilateral mastectomy after genetic testing for breast cancer do not carry cancer-causing genes at all, a study revealed. The number of women undergoing preventive mastectomy reached exponential proportions following Angelina Jolie’s highly-publicized decision to remove both of her breasts in 2013. According to health professionals, millions have already taken genetic testing. Surgeons have also noticed an uptick in women with newly-diagnosed breast cancer who proceed with mastectomy following genetic testing.

Image: Breast cancer gene SCANDAL: Half the women who undergo mastectomies found to have harmless gene variant, NOT cancer

However, a team of researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine, the University of Southern California, Emory University, and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center cautioned that the procedure might be unnecessary for half of these cases. As part of research, the research team examined more than 2,500 women with newly-diagnosed breast cancer and asked about their histories in genetic testing. The study showed that only 59 percent of patients who underwent genetic testing were found to be at risk of a dangerous mutation in a cancer-associated gene. Researchers also found that 25 percent of women underwent genetic testing only after they had mastectomy. However, researchers noted that half of these mastectomy patients could have forgone the procedure as they only exhibited variants of uncertain significance. The said gene variants are unclear in nature, and are often found to be harmless in the long run.

The results underscore the need for genetic counselors to help both patients and health care professionals gain better understanding of genetic test results, researchers said.

“Our findings suggest a limited understanding among physicians and patients of the meaning of genetic testing results. Clinical practice guidelines state that variants of uncertain significance should not be considered to confer high cancer risk, and that patients with these variants should be counseled similarly to a patient whose genetic test is normal. However, many of the physicians surveyed in our study stated that they manage these patients in the same way as they do patients with mutations known to increase a woman’s risk,” said lead author Dr. Allison Kurian in a public release issued in

Increased understanding could have made a difference

The lack of expertise in interpreting genetic testing results may have greatly contributed to the rising number of unnecessary mastectomies, researchers said. According to the study, only 50 percent of women who received genetic testing discussed their results with a genetic counselor.

The study also revealed that physicians who treated fewer than 21 breast cancer patients were less confident in explaining genetic testing results to patients compared with those who treated 51 or more patients. In addition, the study showed that less-experienced physicians were more likely than seasoned doctors to order the genetic test without referring patients to a genetic counselor. Furthermore, less experienced physicians were less likely to delay surgery and wait for test results to make informed surgical decisions compared with their more experienced peers.

“We’re learning that clinicians’ knowledge of breast cancer genetics can be highly variable. It’s important for women at high risk of carrying a dangerous mutation to see someone with expertise in cancer genetics when planning their care. Unfortunately, in many cases genetic counselors may not be optimally integrated into the care of newly diagnosed cancer patients, making it difficult to rapidly triage these patients. Our study highlights the urgent need for improved patient access to cancer genetics experts, particularly genetic counselors, and for educating physicians about the appropriate use of genetic testing and interpretation of test results,” Dr. Kurian stated

The findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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Tualang Honey Prevents Breast Cancer: New Study

Malaysian jungle Tualang honey (TH) shows remarkable anti-cancer effects in modulating breast carcinogenesis. The results of the study, published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, found that TH efficiently induces apoptosis (cell death) in breast cancer cells while regulating various haematological parameters.Image: Tualang honey prevents breast cancer: New study

  • Fifty female Sprague-Dawley rats were grouped in one of five groups:
    • Group 0 — Control (healthy, normal rats)
    • Group 1 — Untreated rats
    • Group 2 — Received 0.2 g/kg body weight of TH
    • Group 3 — Received 1.0 g/kg body weight of TH
    • Group 4 — Received 2.0 h/kg body weight of TH
  • Rats in groups 1 to 4 were induced with 80 mg/kg of 1-methyl-1-nitrosourea (MNU).
  • Groups 2, 3, and 4 started their TH treatment one week after tumour induction. Treatment was continued for 120 days.
  • TH-treated rats displayed differences in tumour progression (75.3 days compared to 51.5 days); tumour incidence (76.6 percent compared to 100 percent); multiplicity (2.5 tumour masses per rat compared to 4); and the size and weight of the tumour mass compared to the control and untreated groups.
  • Further, rats in TH treatment groups displayed higher pro-apoptotic proteins.Authors of this study conclude that TH is a natural breast cancer treatment. Tualang honey modulates hematologic, estrogenic, and apoptotic activities in breast cancer models. Researchers noted that these effects were profound and should be further studied.

    Read the full text of this study at this link.

    For more articles related to breast cancer, go to today.

    Journal Reference:

    Ahmed, S., and Othman, N. THE ANTI-CANCER EFFECTS OF TUALANG HONEY IN MODULATING BREAST CARCINOGENESIS: AN EXPERIMENTAL ANIMAL STUDY; BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2017; 17:208, DOI: 10.1186/s12906-017-1721-4

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Free Your Mind: A Powerful New “Red Pill” Video From Mike Adams Teaches You How To DE-Hypnotize Yourself

I’ve just released another powerful “Red Pill” video that teaches you how to de-hypnotize yourself from the world of hypnotic language, social influence and neurolinguistic programming that hopes to keep you enslaved.

This is a must-see video for anyone wanting to be truly free. It explains the existence of an “automatic language processor” in your brain which is exploited by fake news media monopolists to make you believe their lies. It works by activating your language parsing neurology without your consent, causing your brain to imagine sensory details about utterly fabricated events in a way that’s so real, you actually believe you have witnessed reality.

Image: Free Your Mind: A powerful new “Red Pill” video from Mike Adams teaches you how to DE-hypnotize yourself

Until you understand how your hard-wired neurology is being expertly manipulated by the fake news media to push false propaganda and a false reality, you can never truly be free.

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Whoopi’s Trump Derangement Syndrome Video Goes Viral – Get Help Whoopi Its Not Too Late!

My First Reaction Was “Dear God In Heaven Tell Me This Is Not Real”! These People Are Either Insane Or Just Plain Evil!! One Of The Idiots Even Says, Donald Trump Is No Good Because He Is Against Globalism? Hell Yes, He’s Against It, And So Is Anyone Who Doesn’t Worship Evil!

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‘Proceedings were unnecessarily and unjustifiably rushed…conducted in haste,’ he says

Tommy Robinson Lawyer: Judge Didn't View Evidence, Islamists Threaten Acid Attacks on His Wife

The judge who rushed to send activist Tommy Robinson to jail did not even watch the full video in which he supposedly breached contempt of court laws, his lawyers have claimed.

He is currently being held in segregation for his own safety in prison, but a radical Islamic extremist has managed to deliver a message to his cell threatening to kill him and attack his wife with acid.

The message was reportedly from jailed terror supporter Sayful Islam, from Robinson’s hometown of Luton, and used his spouse’s full name, The Times reports.

He was sent to prison just five hours after his arrest, with court documents seen by the newspaper alleging his defence lawyer at the time had also not watched the broadcast in its entirety.


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FBI lawyer Lisa Page has confirmed that there was no basis for the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to The Hill’s John Solomon.

Report: Lisa Page Confirms Trump Is Right, Mueller Probe A Witch Hunt

The bombshell is based on a text FBI agent Peter Strzok sent to Page last year that read, “There’s no big there-there,” suggesting the Russia investigation was baseless.

Investigators wanted to know what that text meant but were refused an explanation by Stzrok in both closed and public testimony.

However, Page reportedly gave candid testimony during closed-door congressional hearings last week over the nature of the anti-Trump text messages with Strzok, who played key roles in both the Clinton email investigation and the “Russia collusion” probe.

Strzok declined to say – but Page, during a closed-door interview with lawmakers, confirmed in the most pained and contorted way that the message in fact referred to the quality of the Russia case, according to multiple eyewitnesses,” Solomon wrote Thursday.

The admission is deeply consequential. It means Rosenstein unleashed the most awesome powers of a special counsel to investigate an allegation that the key FBI officials, driving the investigation for 10 months beforehand, did not think was ‘there.’

Additionally, Page also admitted the bulk of the anti-Trump texts between her and Strzok “mean exactly what they say,” contradicting Strzok’s denial of anti-Trump bias in the Russia probe.

Her testimony further confirms President Trump’s suspicion that the Mueller probe is a political “witch hunt,” meant to cover for crimes committed by Democrats and the Deep State to sabotage a presidential election and overthrow a duly elected president.

“How can the Rigged Witch Hunt proceed when it was started, influenced and worked on, for an extended period of time, by former FBI Agent/Lover Peter Strzok? Read his hate-filled and totally biased Emails and the answer is clear!” Trump tweeted earlier this month.

How can the Rigged Witch Hunt proceed when it was started, influenced and worked on, for an extended period of time, by former FBI Agent/Lover Peter Strzok? Read his hate-filled and totally biased Emails and the answer is clear!

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The War On Free Speech Exposed

Facebook, Twitter And Google The So-Called Big Three Of Social Media, Are Up To Their Necks In Censorship, Social Engineering And Racketeering. The Censorship Of Free Speech Goes To The Core Of Our Countries Freedoms. 

Free Speech Goes To The Core Of Our Basic Freedoms And Basic Human Rights. Insanity Is To Continue To Do What We Have Always Done And Expect Different results! Many Of Our Posts Are never Seen Or Shared Even Though They Appear To Be!
There Is A Free Speech Alternative To The Tyranny Of The Big Three, Gabai And Here Are The Links To Those Platforms

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Alex Jones Warns President Trump About The Shadowbans Waged Against His Twitter Page & Everyone Else!

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Remember The ZIKA Virus Mass Hysteria Pushed By The Media? Where Are All The Shrunken-Headed Babies We Were Warned Would Sweep Across The World?

What happened? Did a vaccine save us all from mosquito-induced doom, or is it possible there was never really anything for us to worry about in the first place? In a clip posted on, Robert Scott Bell discusses the virus, saying it was a “scam from the beginning.”Image: Remember the ZIKA virus mass hysteria pushed by the media? Where are all the shrunken-headed babies we were warned would sweep across America?

Earlier this month, reports emerged that scientists now have the most detailed structure of the Zika virus to date – something they say could help with the development of vaccines. Even as they report this, however, PBS concedes: “But then last summer, the virus declined sharply in its hotspots and all but disappeared in the U.S.” Last year, they report that there were just seven cases of Zika in the U.S. Although Puerto Rico has seen 65 cases this year, the territory is still struggling with major post-hurricane infrastructure issues.

Zika is a virus that has been around for more than 70 years, and the reason it wasn’t a big deal in the past is that it is essentially harmless to almost everybody. Even the CDC admits on its Zika overview page that many people infected with the virus won’t have symptoms, that most people who have it don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and that deaths from it are very rare; according to PBS, the virus has only killed 20 people across the Americas since 2015.

Moreover, the CDC site states that those who have been infected will be protected from future infections. In other words, on your first exposure to the virus, your body will self-immunize against it, rendering vaccines unnecessary.

See Video: 

Brain deformities caused by toxic larvicide, not Zika virus

So how can we explain the surge in brain deformities that was seen in some parts of Brazil a few years ago? Interestingly, the problem coincided with the dumping of a larvicide in the Brazilian water supply by the government known as pyriproxyfen. Shortly thereafter, a big increase in congenital malformations including microcephaly in newborn babies was detected.

This larvicide is known for producing malformations in mosquitoes. In fact, the way it works is by stunting the growth of mosquito larvae, altering their development process as they go from larva to pupa to adults, and it’s essentially engineered to cause malformations that prevent mosquitoes from developing fully.

It’s classified as “very toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects,” and the product’s warnings specifically say to “avoid release to the environment”. It’s not clear why the Brazilian government decided to dump it into the water supply anyway, but it is pretty obvious that they decided to blame the problems caused by their ill-advised action on a virus instead.

In other words, the Brazilian government dumped toxic chemicals into the water in some areas, and when babies were born with these malformations as a result, Zika became the scapegoat. That’s why you’re seeing babies with microcephaly in the areas where the chemical was used rather than everywhere affected by the 70-year-old disease. That’s also why the hype has died down significantly – there was never anything for most people to worry about in the first place.

You can see Bell discussing Zika in this clip on, a new pro-liberty video sharing platform where people can exercise their right to free speech without worrying about YouTube-style censorship. Bell encourages people to share links to help this important site grow, so be sure to spread the word. Also see for more stories about Zika.

Sources for this article include:

Globalists Are Silencing Every Conservative From The Individual To Major News Outlets

Ninety-Three Percent (93%) Of All Traffic To Conservative Websites Has Been Eliminated By Facebook! But Hey, Good News, There Is An Alternative To Globalist Controlled Deep State Social Media…

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Tucker Carlson: And The Truth Will Set Us Free! – Trump Is Being Held Hostage By The Deep State

The Courage Of Telling The Truth! While The Deep State Traitors In The Government And Media Lie And Propagandise, One Man In The Media Has The Courage To Speak The Truth! Tucker Carlson! The Very People That Are Telling You That They Are Saving Our Democracy, Are The Very Ones Destroying It, And Scolding You As They Do! 



Far-left New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called on protesters to “occupy” airports, border crossings, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices nationwide.Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Occupation of Airports, ICE Offices

“We have to occupy all of it,” she told Democracy Now! on Monday. “We need to occupy every airport. We need to occupy every border. We need to occupy every ICE office until those kids are back with their parents, period.”

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that ICE is not in the business of immigration enforcement, despite that being in its very name.

Despite ICE becoming a big target for the far-left, Democrats are hesitant to go after the agency due to the majority of Americans supporting it and the radical optics of opposing immigration enforcement.

For example, Democrats introduced an “Abolish ICE” bill but then refused to vote on it, with some Democratic lawmakers admitting it was a “publicity stunt.”


BREAKING: We’re All Slaves To The Algorithm – Tech Giants Covert Censorship Exposed

Algorithms Are the Most Pernicious Form Of Censorship! The Target Cannot Prove That They Are Being Censored, Yet Experience The Impact Of Censorship Anyway!! Algorithms Can And Do Alter Voting Preferences! 

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Watch Congressman Gaetz Destroy Facebook For Allowing Death Threats Against Republicans

The Tech Giants Are Censoring And Promoting Violence Against Conservatives And Free Speech Advocates! Again, I Know That Facebook, Google, Twitter Are Where We Have Always Congregated, But Again, Insanity Is To Continue To Do What We Have Always Done And Expect Different Results! (See Alternative To Tyranny Below)

We Are Communicating In The Enemy Nest  Every Time We Post Our Beliefs And Intentions We Telegraph Who We Are And Expose Our Vulnerable Underbelly To These Tyrants! Take A Stand, There Is An Alternative Social Media!!

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What the Helsinki? Hysterical Reactions to Trump/Putin

“How Do You Hack The Election By Telling The Truth About Hillary Clinton”? The Disgusting And Traitorous Display By Mainstream Media At The Helsinki Meeting, Asking President Trump To Denounce President Putin Almost Beggars Belief!! 

It seems 90% disagree with my original hopeful take on this summit. So be it. I simply am not worried about Russia. The whole Russia mantra seems like one more engineered complaint, the last hurrah in a two-year hissy fit over a coronation for Hillary Clinton that never happened.


Collusion Actually Between US intelligence And Democrats!!

Russian President Vladimir Putin dropped a bombshell on Monday, accusing US intelligence operatives of funnelling $400 million from Russia to the Hillary Clinton campaign.Putin Bombshell: Deep State Moved $400 Million From Russia to Hillary Campaign

Putin addressed the Justice Department’s indictments of 12 Russian intelligence officials and offered for FBI special counsel Robert Mueller to assist with Russia’s own investigation of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

“For instance, we can bring up Mr Browder, in this particular case,” Putin said, referring to a British hedge fund CEO wanted by Interpol on behalf of the Russian government.

“Business associates of Mr Browder have earned over $1.5 billion in Russia and never paid any taxes neither in Russia or the United States and yet the money escaped the country. They were transferred to the United States. They sent [a] huge amount of money, $400,000,000, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.”

“Well, that’s their personal case. It might have been legal, the contribution itself but the way the money was earned was illegal,” he continued. “So we have solid reason to believe that some [US] intelligence offers accompanied and guided these transactions. So we have an interest in questioning them.”

Additionally, Browder also has ties to Fusion GPS, the firm who created the notorious “Steele Dossier,” which we now know was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign to smear then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

“Here’s the bottom line: We have a congressional testimony, under oath, that Clinton hired the same firm to smear Trump that Putin reportedly used to smear Magnitsky. Moreover, we also know that the Fusion GPS dossier relied on senior Russian government officials for much of the dirt it compiled, including ‘a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure’ and a ‘former top-level intelligence officer still active in the Kremlin.’ Together, those are bombshell revelations,” The Washington Post reported last year.

“Yet today, there is barely a peep in the mainstream media about the Clinton-Fusion-Putin connection.”

Trump Slams Baseless Mueller Probe For Ruining US/Russian Relations