Australia Passes Harsher Vaccine Laws

It just feels like world governments take advantage of our being distracted.

Australian vaccination law was quietly upgraded and beginning next year, the effects will be felt for families throughout the nation. As of 2018 unvaccinated kids are banned in NSW unless already enrolled. 

What do the changes mean?

The Public Health Act will be amended to strengthen vaccination enrolment requirements in child care (also known as early childhood education and care). From 1 January 2018:

children who are unvaccinated due to their parent’s conscientious objection will no longer be able to be enrolled in child care
it will be an offence (with a penalty of 50 penalty units) for a principal to fail to comply with the child care vaccination enrolment requirements
it will be an offence (with a penalty of 50 penalty units) for a person to forge or falsify a vaccination certificate
Importantly, the vast majority of children will be unaffected by the changes as over 93% of children in NSW are fully vaccinated at one and five years of age (see HealthStatsNSW). When last measured in December 2015, parental conscientious objection affected only around 1.3% of children aged 0-7 years in NSW. Children who cannot be fully vaccinated due to a medical condition or who are on a recognised catch-up schedule will still be able to be enrolled upon presentation of the appropriate form signed by a medical practitioner.

The new requirements do not change other existing provisions. A register of the age appropriate vaccination documentation still needs to be maintained for each child ( a register template is available at Strengthening vaccination requirements for child care) and in the event of specified vaccine preventable disease outbreak in a child care centre the public health officer can exclude children who are not vaccinated for that disease to protect them from infection and prevent them from passing diseases to others.

How does this differ from previous requirements?

Since 1 January 2014, NSW child care centres have been prevented under the Public Health Act 2010 from enrolling children unless approved documentation is provided that indicates that the child:

Eyewitness Testimony Of What Happened In Charlottesville

Raheem Kassam: Author Of The Book, “No Go Zones’ And Editor In Chief Of Breitbart, Reports That The Terrorist Group, Antifa, Were Threatening People With The Statement “It’s The Wrong Day To Be White In Charlottesville!”

Mainstream Media Lives In This Vacuous Orwellian Environment, Where They Mouth Lies Propagated By Thier Criminal Globalist Elite Overlords!




Commie Corruption: Kindergartners Taught That Gender Is Imaginary

Simply Put, God Made Adam And Eve, Not Adam And Steve! There Are Two Genders, Male, And Female. That Is What Our Creator Intended. Purple Nurples Are Imaginary! The Globalist Satanic Elite Will Attempt Any Lie To Destroy The Family And Reality!

Our Schools Are Being Infiltrated By Globalist Organisations Like Planned Parenthood, To Implement their Marxist Agenda!

Antifa Are A Terrorist Group – A Globalist Deep State Trap

The Antifa Terrorist Organisation Are Being Used To Create Anti Trump, Anti Free Speech Anti Free Assembly Propaganda By The Kings Of Fake News, The Corporate Criminal Globalist Elite Puppet Mainstream Media.

Any Person Who  Is Rational And Has Common Sense, loves Freedom Of Speech And Liberty Is Labelled ‘Alt Right’ A Label Created By Globalist Pawn Hillary Clinton. Understand, As President Trump Has Stated, The Criminal Corporate, Globalist Owned And Controlled, Mainstream Media, Are The Enemy Of The People. 


Emergency Warning To President Trump On Potential Trap In North Korea: Shoot Down EMP Satellites

If North Korea Detonates The Two Satellites That Fly Over the United States Twice A Day, It Would Create An EMP ( Electro Magnetic Pulse) Event That Would Fry All Electronics Devices Across The Country! Ninty Percent Of Americans Would Die Within Twelve Months!

Mainstream Media Are Hiding This Information! This Is By Design! The Deep State Own The American Congress! Trump Needs To Shoot These Satellites Down Today! 


Live Video: President Trump’s Second Statement On Charlottesville / Soros Race War False Flag

Despicable Lying Propagandising Mainstream Globalist Media Demonise The Truth, Alter Statements To Suit The Satanic Globalist Agenda! The Rise Of The Violent Evil Satanic Left!

President Trump Condemns Neo-Nazi’s, White Supremacists, KKK, And Other Hate Groups! You Probably Won’t Hear About This On The Fake News Mainstream Media!



Millie Weaver: Charlottesville Was A Deep State Event Hijacked By Extremists To Create Conflict

 Media Demonising Trump Supporters. Continuing The Fake Narrative Of Right Wing Home Grown Terrorism. Police In Charlottesville Were Ordered To Stand Down By The Mayor In Order To Invoke Racial Violence!

President Trump Would Have Been Demonised By The Media Even If he Shot The Charlottesville Driver Between The Eyes! The Fake News Mainstream Globalist Media Would Complain That The Calibre of The Gun Wasn’t Big Enough! 

There Were Four Deaths In Virginia Today – If They Kill Trump, They’re Coming After All Of Us, Globally!

One Was An Innocent Young Girl Who Was Murdered When A Car Plowed Into Her During A March For Anti Racism. Two Police Officers Also Died When Thier Helicopter Crashed. The Other Was The Ongoing Death Of The Truth, And The Continued Racist Propaganda By The Criminal Corporate, Globalist Elite, Sockpuppet Media, Who Spread Thier Racist Anti Human Lies As Instructed By Their Satanic Globalist Masters! 

As It Says In the Header, ‘If Trump Is Killed They’re Coming For All Of Us’, Globally! If America Falls To The Criminal Corporate Globalist Satanic Elite, The Rest Of The Free World Will Follow!

Terms Like ‘White’ Nationalists And ‘Alt-Right’ (Alt-Right a fake term invented by the Democrats, and first coined by Hillary Clinton) Are Racist Terms Used By The Mainstream Media To Cause Violence Hate And Division. White Nationalists, KKK Members, Inserted Themselves Into The March And Disrupted The Conservative March! The Actual Marches Were Conservatives Marching For Freedom Of Speech And Calling For The End Of Racist Propaganda By The Media, And calling For The Country To Unite In Peace!

The Insanity And The Lies And Propaganda That Is Spread On A Daily Basis By The Leftist Globalist Media Is Promoting The Insane Violence That Is Growing Across America!  But Then That Is Their Plan! The Democrats Couldn’t Win At The Ballot Box, So Now They Plan To Destroy The Country Like Some Spoilt Child That Has Had His Favourite Toy Taken From Him! 

People Must Stop Buying Into The Lies And Division That is Being Spread By The Mainstream Media. The Fourth Estate Is Dead, The Mainstream Media Globally, Are Bought And Paid For, Owned Lock Stock And Barrell By The New World Order Banksters, Globalists! There Is No Such Thing As Freedom Of the Press, Everything Is Scripted. Those Journalists Who Still Believe in Free Speech And Integrity In Journalism Have Been Forced To Resign From Their Corporate Masters And Seek Employment Elsewhere! 

Those So Called Journalists That Remain In The System Have Sold Thier Integrity And Thier Soul To The Devil, Literally. The Criminal Corporate Globalist Elite Are Satanic! They Plan To Enthrone The Anti-Christ Globally!

There Are Two World Leaders Who Are Standing In The Way Of This Evil Ascension. President Donald Trump, Who is A Christian, And President Vladimir Putin, Who Is An Orthodox Christian. This Is Why They Are Both Being Demonised with Such Intensity By The Mainstream Criminal Corporate Globalists And Thier Puppet Mainstream Media.



Virginia Riots Staged To Bring In Martial Law, Ban Conservative Gatherings


George Soros Funded Rioters Brutally Attack Free Speech Meetings And Marches! Charlottesville Mayor Orders Police To Stand Down, And Even Protect Antifa Paid Thugs!  Disgusting!! 

 Free Speech, Anti-Racist Marches Led To The Slaughter By Police! Criminal Corporate Globalist (sock puppet) Media Spin Thier Web Of Lies!  

Criminal Globalist Elite Mainstream Media Using Terms Like Alt-Right And White Nationalists To Create A Race War, Hate And Division.


White Nationalists, KKK Members, Inserted Themselves Into The March And Disrupted The Conservative March! The Actual Marches Were Conservatives Marching For Freedom Of Speech And Calling For The End Of Racist Propaganda By The Media!