BREAKING ALERT: Trump Just Received This Emergency Report On The Future Of Web Freedom

We Are Looking At A Nuclear Apocalypse Of Censorship If We Don’t Stop This RIGHT NOW!! It Is the Crushing Of the Human Soul! Google, Facebook, Twitter Are Running A Giant Re-Education Camp Online! This Document Exposes This! 




Trump Like Churchill Is Fighting Attempted European World Domination

Freedom Is Taken Not Given! Stop Being Gaslighted By Mainstream Media, Google, Facebook And Twitter! Mike Adams Has Put Out A Report That Will Be Delivered To President Trump Exposing The Lies And Censorship! The Russian Collusion Delusion Finally Placed Where It Belongs Squarely On Hillary Clinton’s Doorstep!!

NOTE This Video Is Not Searchable On Google! Imagine My Surprise! Its Only Available On Infowars Chanel!!



Apple And Google Target Christianity, Free Speech And Freedom For Total Deconstruction

It’s About Controlling Information. As Long As We Continue To Use Facebook, Messenger, U-Tube, Google And Twitter They Will Continue to Control Us! They Are Using Algorithms To Shadow Ban Anyone That Doesn’t Follow The Globalist Propaganda! We Need To Move To Gab And NOW!! Insanity Is Continuing To Do What We Have Already Done And Expecting A Different Result!!

NOTE* The Free Speech Alternative To Facebook, Google, And Twitter And U-Tube It Is Gabai And Here Are the links:



They Cannot Silence Us All! They Cannot Silence You! Unless You Allow It!

This Is So Incredibly Criminal, It’s Racketeering. And Its All Because of That Demonic Pumpkin Headed Satanist Witch Hillary Rodham Clinton Refusing To Admit That She Lost The Election! So, Like Alex Says, Get Up Off Your Knees And Fight For Your Freedom! This Is Not A Drill. If America Falls The Rest Of The Free World Will Lose Their Free Speech And Freedoms As Well

BREAKING: Facebook Tells CNN To Shut Up! “Stop Letting The Big Censorship Secrets Out”

The Tech Giants Control The Algorithms That Allow Articles To Be Seen! Massive Censorship Is Already Happening! They Are Even Planning A Global Social Credit Score System That Will Allow You On Social Media, Allow You To Travel And Have A Job Only If You Are A Good Little Globalist Satanist!  Communist China Already Has This System! 




BREAKING Exclusive: First Look At The Internet Censorship Report Delivered To President Trump

Complete Deplatforming Of Conservatives, Christians And Others That Are Exposing The Criminal Corporate Globalist Agenda Is Under Way! Google, Twitter, Facebook, U-Tube Are Censoring NOW!! Many People Are being Shadow Banned! Shadow Banning Occurs When You Post An Article And You Can See The Post, But Nobody Else Can!

NOTE* There Is A Free Speech Alternative To Facebook, Google, And Twitter And U-Tube It Is Gabai And Here Are the links:


Poison By Design – Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Vaccines And More

We live in a toxin-laden world; there’s no doubt about that. Whether it’s in food, vaccines, the water we drink or the skies above, there is no shortage of harmful pollutants in modern society. But getting the details on what’s contaminating the food you eat and the water you drink, or what lurks inside those pesky inoculations, is tough going. After all, entire industries have been built around toxins and poisonous practices.

Image: offers a wealth of knowledge on heavy metals, pesticides, vaccines and more

Telling the truth about what’s in vaccines and the harms of pesticides isn’t going to bring home the bacon for profit-driven corporations and their mainstream media shills. But, lying about the dangers certainly will — which is why the importance of independent science and independent media is now at an all-time high. At, you can learn about all the things the legacy media and big businesses don’t want you to know. Whether it’s the truth about what’s in vaccines, chemtrails or toxins in your food — there’s knowledge to be had.

Poison By Design

In a perfect world, corporations wouldn’t knowingly produce and sell products that are damaging to the planet and to human health. And even if they did government agencies charged with preserving that health would actually act in the best interests of the public. But we don’t live in a perfect world; the reality is that pesticide producers, food manufacturers and drug makers often create and sell products that they know are harmful.

Even once the evidence of harm becomes undeniable, in many cases, these corporate giants continue to look the other way, and have even been accused of colluding with government agencies to keep the ill effects of their products under wraps. Look no further than the massive cover-up involving Monsanto and their flagship herbicide, Roundup and the EPA.

Monsanto’s history is rife with controversy and the company has a reputation for blatantly ignoring the facts when their products prove toxic. Recently revealed documents show that the company knew PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, were toxic for at least a decade before ceasing production. Were they poisoning us on purpose?

But the problem isn’t just Monsanto — sometimes, it’s the government. The fluoridation of public water supplies across the U.S. is proof of that. Fluoride is not an essential nutrient. In fact, as a neurotoxin, it’s really quite the opposite — and there is plenty of evidence that it’s harmful. Along with weaker bones and skeletal fluorosis, fluoride has been linked to lower IQs in children, cognitive issues, heart disease and more.

Toxins Hide In Plain Sight

Many of the things that have become part of our everyday lives can pose a threat to health. The food we eat is often sprayed with toxic pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Whether it’s dioxin, glyphosate, atrazine or something else — there is no shortage of options in the market of toxic things to spray on crops. It’s not rocket science: If it kills living things, it probably shouldn’t be consumed.

Even after crops have been harvested, their path to you exposes them to more toxins. Whether it’s bleaching agents or chemical processing agents like hexane or other additives like benzene or food colourants, what happens between harvest time and mealtime can be pretty unsavoury. Then there’s food storage: Many plastic containers contain BPAs or other harmful compounds.

The list just goes on and on and on some more. To really get the full scoop on what’s toxic and what you should avoid, check out

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BREAKING RESEARCH REPORT: New Study Shows Dramatic Rise In Autism Rates As More Vaccines Are Introduced

As More Vaccines Are Introduced The Rate Of Special Needs Children And Autism Are Rising! The MMR Vaccine Does Cause Autism. A CDC Senior Scientist Whistleblower, Dr Willaim Thompson, Came Forward And Verified That The CDC Covered Up The Link Between The MMR And Autism! The HepB Has Been Proven To Cause Brain Damage!

Senator Pan is quite obviously a highly paid shill for Big Pharma. Otherwise, how could he make such idiotic statements at that hearing? As a practising physician, now retired (Traditional Naturopath), I saw a continuing increase at the same time you showed on your graph. I had few cases of autism (or disease whose symptoms were later described as “autism”) prior to the early 1990’s. That’s when mothers began bringing in these debilitated children–or, indeed, later just coming in themselves, because they were initially embarrassed to bring in their child, afraid of what they might have to do with the child in the presence of myself and my staff. The whole thing was so pathetic and heartbreaking. Of course, now it’s much worse. It brings me to tears to think about, to allow myself to feel it. The evidence points so strongly to the ever-increasing vaccine schedule. Our medicine is wrong. This Rockefeller-Big Pharma medicine is a monstrosity, a plague on our planet. Thank you for your very important work.- Dr Leonard Mehlmauer 





BREAKING: The Alarming Hepatitis B Vaccine Studies That Show HepB And Many Other Vaccines Cause Brain Damage!

Founder of Generation Rescue JB Handley talks with Del Bigtree about the concerning hepatitis B vaccine research coming out of China. From this week’s episode of The #HighWire. Dr Zhibin Yao Is A Univerity Of Pittsburgh Educated Doctor He Returned To His Lab In China To Complete His Studies. Result: HepB And Many Other Vaccines Cause Brain Damage! 

Robert Mueller Is On A Legal Jihad

These Disciples Of The Devil Need To Be Taken Out Legally! As I stated In My Previous Post, The Time For Complaining And Talking Is Over, We Need To Take Action. There Is More than Enough Evidence To Indite These Monsters NOW! We cannot Allow These Arrogant Fatcat Elites To Commit Crimes Against Humanity And Walk Off Scott Free! Robert Mueller Is A Legal Terrorist!

BREAKING: Lawsuit Exposes Vaccine Immunity Fraud by HHS (Health And Human Services)

It’s Time To Stop Talking And Take Action. To That End, I Have Sought The Services Of The Legal Advocate Erin Brockovich, Erin Came To Fame For Winning A Landmark Case Against A Corporation, Pacific Gas & Electric, That Dumped Cancer-Causing Chemicals Into The Water Supply And Causing The Deaths Of Innocent Residents! Erin is the President of Brockovich Research & Consulting. She also works as a consultant for Girardi & Keese, the New York law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg, which has a focus on personal injury claims for asbestos exposure, and Shine Lawyers in Australia.

Erin brockovich 1.jpg

It Is Common Knowledge That The Vaccine Court Has Paid Out Over 3.5 Billion Dollars In Vaccine Damage And Deaths To Families, The AMA Australian Medical Association Has Stated That Vaccines Are ‘Unavoidably Unsafe’! So How In Gods Name Can Anyone Make Vaccines Mandatory? And Yet, That’s Exactly What Governments Are Doing Around The Globe! 

Mainstream Media Is Pushing Their Use Like Some Street Corner Drug Dealer Because They Are Financially Compensated By Big Pharma And The Vaccine Cartels! Well, I Want To Put All Of The Pumpkin Headed Demonic Evil Individuals Who Are Knowingly Destroying Our Children’s Futures Officially On Notice, I Have Come To Chew Bubble Gum And Kick-Ass, And I’m All Out Of Bubble Gum!!

I Have Posted The Answer To Mandatory Vaccination Countless Times, And Despite This Many People Just Prefer To Talk Continuously About How Bad And Sad It Is That Our Children Are Dying And Being Injured, But Then Fail To Take The Necessary Acton To Stop The Carnage! Their Favourite Cry Is…”What Can I Do, I’m Just An Ordinary Person?”

Once Again, Heres What You Can Do…….


Forced Inoculation Cannot be Enforced! YOU CAN LEGALLY SAY NO! This Right Has Existed For Thousands Of Years! Everything They Are Doing Now Is Illegal! Even If they Say It Is The Law, It Is A Giant Bluff! International Humanitarian Law States You Cannot Be Forced To Give Up A Right, Such As Informed Consent, To Get A Benefit! See The Proof For Yourself: 







BREAKING: Does The Gardasil Vaccine Contain The Newly Discovered Bioweapon MG!

The FDA Is Actively Suppressing The Harmful Effects Of Gardasil! Are They Also Suppressing That The Gardasil Vaccine Contains MG, The Newly Discovered Bioweapon That Is Said To Be Causing Infertility Globally? Mycoplasma Genatalium Bug Known As MG Makes Women Infertile.

A Study Queries The Link Between HPV Vaccine And Soaring Infertility
A Plague Is Spreading Silently Across The Globe. Young Families In America, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, Australia – In Virtually Every Western Country — Is Afflicted By Rapidly Increasing Rates Of Infertility.

Young, healthy women who experience amenorrhea, ovarian failure and infertility have likely been damaged by Merck’s HPV vaccine. A new study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health analyzed data on pregnancy outcomes, comparing women who received an HPV vaccine with those who did not. The data analysis is titled, “A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection.”



New Study Proves The FDA Is Actively Suppressing Information About The Harmful Effects Of Gardasil

Young, healthy women who experience amenorrhea, ovarian failure and infertility have likely been damaged by Merck’s HPV vaccine. A new study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health analyzed data on pregnancy outcomes, comparing women who received an HPV vaccine with those who did not. The data analysis is titled, “A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection.”

The study, uninfluenced by pharmaceutical money, analyzed data on 8 million women aged 25-29 living in the U.S. from 2007 and 2014. According to the analysis, conception rates would have fallen by 2 million if 100 percent of the females in the study would have received the HPV vaccine. The study warns that the HPV vaccine has a negative influence on fertility and more research is “warranted.”

Image: New study proves the FDA is actively suppressing information about the harmful effects of Gardasil

Despite mounting evidence of harm, Merck seeks to fast-track Gardasil on new age group

Despite these grave concerns, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently fast-tracking the process by which the Gardasil-9 is approved for use in women and men ages 27 to 45. Merck’s application for approval has been granted priority review and is scheduled for an approval date of October 6, 2018. So, much important information about Gardasil’s risks will be suppressed as the FDA moves quickly on behalf of Merck’s business interests.

When Gardasil was initially licensed, many post-marketing reports poured in, claiming that vaccine recipients endured primary ovarian failure after vaccination. The cases of Gardasil vaccine damage that have been identified and reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) are in excess of 58,000. Many cases have resulted in emergency room visits, seizures, and the diagnosis of autoimmune conditions. Additionally, approximately 11,000 cases have been filed, documenting “serious” disability and sudden death. Women should no longer be subjected to Merck’s deadly experimentations. Gardasil is an experimentation because the risks are concealed and the vaccine is fast-tracked for approval. (Related: Merck accused of fast tracking Gardasil for financial gain; judge orders the drug company to prove the effectiveness of this vaccine.)

One of the greatest dangers of vaccination, which is not studied by the drug companies or the FDA, are the prevalence of stealth viruses within the vaccines. While they do not impact the animal tissue in the vaccine or infect the animals used in the vaccine studies, these viruses can be dormant and revert to infectious form in humans. Watch “The criminalization of science whistleblowers: An interview with Judy Mikovitz, PhD.

Aluminium adjuvant: one of the most alarming issues of vaccine science

One of the biggest problems with the Gardasil vaccine is the use of aluminum as an adjuvant. The adjuvant is used to force the immune cells to respond to the antigen in the vaccine. Without the adjuvant, the immune response to the vaccine pathogen would be weak. The problem is that the aluminum is taken up into the immune-responsive cells and is carried throughout the body. This may cause the immune system to attack itself, as the aluminium persists as a threat in the body. This metal causes problems in the brain of humans. Studies show that brain tissue from autistic children contains high amounts of aluminum.

Aluminum is exponentially more dangerous through injection, than through ingestion. To suppress information on the harmful effects of vaccines, the drug companies base their vaccine safety on ingested aluminum amounts, not the impact of injected aluminum. There’s a big difference. Equally disturbing, GlaxoSmithKline and Merck spike their placebos with aluminum adjuvants to make the vaccine appear less dangerous. This shortcut helps the drug companies cut observation periods so they can conceal the risks of aluminum adjuvants in their HPV vaccines.

The devastating, traumatic failures of Gardasil are being suppressed and young women are suffering at the deceptive science of these devilish institutions. Despite the growing body of evidence of harm from Gardasil, Merck is seeking fast-track approval to unleash their vaccine on another vulnerable age group of the population. The FDA, ignoring the evidence of Gardasil’s harm to women’s ovaries and fertility, cannot be trusted to evaluate the drug company’s “science.” A moratorium should be issued on all HPV vaccines until there is sufficient evidence to prove the vaccine is no longer causing ovarian failure, autoimmune conditions, infertility, seizures, and death.

Read for more headlines about the FDA’s dangerous junk science.

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BREAKING ALERT: If The Left Wins, Humanity DIES: An Urgent Warning About What’s Really At Stake

The ideas of Leftists are rooted in such dangerous insanity that if liberals got what they are currently demanding, they would destroy human civilization.

All of their key ideas are horrible failures. That’s because they’re rooted in delusional thinking rather than rationality and logic. The very fabric of modern human civilization would be torn apart of Leftists got the world they’re demanding. Sadly, they’re all too indoctrinated or insane to understand the consequences of their own demands, and that’s exactly why they must be defeated and stripped of power over the rest of us.

Among their insane demands, you’ll find the following priorities:

  • Abolish all border security, unleash an invasion wave of illegals to occupy and overthrow America.
  • End the free market and seize all private businesses, creating a centrally-planned economy run entirely by the (incompetent) government.
  • Close down all prisons, set all prisoners free across America, including violent murderers, rapists, child traffickers and more.
  • Terminate all police, shut down police departments and let lawless chaos rule the streets of America, all in the name of “social justice.”

These ideas are, of course, utterly and completely insane. But they now represent the dominant thinking of the Democrat party in America today, which no longer pretends to love America at all.

In the latest episode of Counterthink, broadcast each Sunday at 6pm at, I reveal a long list of details about why liberals are actually waging a war against human civilization. Voting against Democrats is no longer merely an exercise in politics; it’s necessary to save our world from the very kind of destruction that deranged Leftists have already unleashed in Venezuela, San Francisco, Chicago, Cuba, North Korea and the former Soviet Union, among other examples.

Watch and share everywhere. The full episode is now available at at this link:


BREAKING: Communist China Officially Begins Censorship On iPhone Devices

Apple Has Moved Its Operations To China To Be Tax Exempt. Chinese Intelligence Now Hold The ICloud Data Keys To Everyone’s Platform. Apple States That If You Operate In China The Government Runs You, That’s just The Way It Is. 

The Chinese Communists That Have Killed Over One Hundred Million Of Thier Own People, And Who Sell Christians Organs, Because Their Christians, On The World Market Now Have Access To Everyone’s ICloud Data. 

NB: Could this be why I have been receiving recurring calls to my mobile phone in Chinese over the last month?? Some Of the calls are from China, and what is even more disturbing, many are originating from inside Australia!!

Silent killers: Cordless Phones Show Dangerously High Radiation Readings

The idea of taking in a killer is unthinkable. But that’s what most of us are doing every time we plug in our cordless phones. In a video, Neil from EMF Safety Zone demonstrated first-hand the danger that people are exposed to when cordless phones are present in the house.Image: Silent killers: Cordless phones show dangerously high radiation readings

In the video, a high frequency (HF) analyzer and the radio frequency (RF) meter were used to determine the amount of electromagnetic field (EMF) present before and after a cordless phone was plugged in and turned on. When the phone was turned on, the reading from the HF analyzer recorded average exposure values of more than 2,000 microwatts per square meter (µW/m2), which indicates elevated non-thermal radiation levels. In terms of signal strength, the RF meter noted a peak value of six volts per meter (V/m). In a report by the BioInitiative Working Group, the safety limit for power density, or the amount of energy in a given space, should not exceed 0.04 V/m.

“This is incredibly dangerous,” Neil points out in the video.

The video also revealed how this isn’t contained in an isolated area. The phone was set up in the office, but the RF readings were seen throughout the house. At the farthest end of the house, the RF meter still detected a peak strength of at least 0.10 V/m, despite walls separating the area.

In the same room as a killer

Neil also talked about how the usual setup of putting a cordless phone by the bedside is a potentially dangerous move. Based on the values from the video, a person sleeping with a cordless phone on their nightstand is exposed to peak values of up to 0.70 V/m. Basically, this means that he will be saturated with RF radiation all night as he sleeps.

“That’s enough to cause disturbances in melatonin levels and a host of biological effects.”

It’s enough to make a person consider the effects of being in the same room as a cordless phone, which is the current setup in most homes and offices in the U.S. today. This means people are constantly exposed to dangerous levels of RF during the day. This energy courses through our head and our body, which can disturb our heart rhythms and the “psychophysiological aspects of our entire body and brain.”

That’s just for a cordless phone, Neil said. Most setups include wireless internet connections, baby monitors, and smart meters – all of which can wreak havoc in our brain. (Related: Warning – Your cordless phone may subject you to harmful levels of EMFs.)

Cordless phones are riskier than mobile phones

In an article in, Dennis Henshaw of Children with Cancer U.K. indicated that studies have shown that cordless phones might be a greater risk for certain types of cancer than mobile phones. In particular, Henshaw said that incidences of glioblastoma multiforme, a rare form of cancer that affects the frontal temporal lobe of the brain, have recently increased. In the U.K., the number of people with glioblastoma has more than doubled, from 2.4 per 100,000 people in 1995 to at least five people per 100,000 after 20 years.

In a separate study, researchers from Sweden have concluded that both cell phones and cordless phones could likely increase the risk of brain tumors such as glioma and acoustic neuroma. The team arrived at this conclusion after conducting a test on the effects of wireless phones in vivo.

The feature is part of EMF Safety Zone’s video on the dangers of cordless phones, which can be viewed on this link.

Learn more about the dangers of radiation by visiting today.

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Evidence Is “Overwhelming,” Says EPA Scientist, That Pesticides Contribute To Cancer Risk

The ugly truth that government-approved chemicals applied daily to crop fields cause cancer is finally seeing the light of day, thanks in large part to the release of a trove of never-before-seen documents known collectively as the “Poison Papers.”

Image: Evidence is “overwhelming,” says EPA scientist, that pesticides contribute to cancer risk

Released by the Bioscience Resource Project (BRP) in collaboration with the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), the Poison Papers represents a two-and-a-half ton repository of damning evidence against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has been lying to the American people about chemical safety for many decades.

Jonathan Latham, a virologist, founder of BRP, and editor of Independent Science News(ISN), has been researching this subject for many years, uncovering eye-opening truths that indict the EPA for committing what can only be described as egregious and unfathomable crimes against humanity – all to benefit Big Chemical.

He points to permethrin, often marketed as Nix, as one prominent example of the EPA’s longstanding commitment to supporting the interests of the chemical industry over the interests of the people. Though permethrin was approved by the EPA as “safe and effective” back in 1982, it has since been revealed that the agency knew even back then that permethrin would cause cancer in as much as 10 percent of the total human population – and approved it anyway.

An internal memo penned by one of the EPA’s most senior scientists at the time, Adrian Gross, explains that the evidence was “overwhelming” at the time to show that permethrin “has a marked tumour-inducing or carcinogenic activity which is expressed in many different forms.”

This memo, which is now contained within the Poison Papers archive, fell on deaf ears with the EPA’s then-acting director of its Hazards Evaluation Division, John Melone. Other EPA scientists similarly ignored such evidence as they proceeded to green-light permethrin, even going so far as to claim that it does not increase cancer risk.

“Virtually from its inception in 1970, the EPA has proactively overridden scientific evidence and sacrificed public safety for the benefit of the chemical industry,” wrote Latham in a recent feature piece for Salon.

Will all EPA whistleblowers please stand up?

Permethrin represents just one of many chemicals the EPA has approved despite internal scientific data showing them to be dangerous and cancer-causing – perhaps the most noteworthy example in modern times being the deadly weed-killing agent glyphosate, which serves as the primary active ingredient in Monsanto’s blockbuster Roundup formula.

A growing body of evidence suggests that glyphosate causes cancer in both animals and humans and that Monsanto has been working overtime to cover up this truth. We also now know that the EPA has been a major player in this coverup, which is costing millions of people their health.

What Latham would like to see more of in order to combat this are brave EPA whistleblowers willing to come forward to tell their stories about the agency’s corruption of science on behalf of the chemical industry.

“Whistleblowers are enormous potential assets to society,” Latham writes. “If they can prove to the satisfaction of outside judges that the performance of their colleagues is seriously deficient or corrupt, then whistleblowers should be formally and generously rewarded.”

EPA leaders also need to be held personally accountable to Congress, which are supposed to act as representatives of the American people, rather than to the president. This will help to root out the politicization of this important regulatory body by whatever political party controls the White House at any given time.

“… rescuing the EPA and guaranteeing public safety is going to take more than firing one bad actor,” Latham contends. “It’s time to heed the lessons of the Poison Papers and make the EPA the servant of the public, not the friend of industry.”

See for more coverage of the EPA.

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SICK: Renowned Academic Brags About Suppressing Information On The Deadly Effects Of PFAS In 3M Chemicals

Professor John P. Giesy may be considered one of the top academic authorities on toxic chemicals, but it turns out that position of power has been abused. Despite being credited as the first scientist to sound the alarm on the presence of toxic per- and poly-fluoroalkyl [PFAS] chemicals in the environment, new evidence has revealed Giesy as nothing more than a shill for big business. The highly regarded academic has even bragged about duping the public on chemical company 3M’s dime.

Image: SICK: Renowned academic brags about suppressing information on the deadly effects of PFAS in 3M chemicals

Though Giesy has been showered with praise for persuading 3M to stop producing PFAS, it turns out he was actually doing their dirty work, as part of a global campaign to quash real science on the dangers of the hazardous chemicals. By controlling the conversation, 3M was able to protect their own interests — with the help of a widely respected, yet unscrupulous Professor Giesy.

Giesy is a leading environmental toxicologist at Canada’s University of Saskatchewan and has spent most of his career at public universities. Or has he? As a memorandum from Minnesota state lawyers contends, “Despite spending most of his career as a professor at public universities, Professor Giesy has a net worth of approximately $20 million.”

“This massive wealth results at least in part from his long-term involvement with 3M for the purpose of suppressing independent scientific research,” they allege.

3M and PFAS contamination around the globe

3M has actively avoided taking on blame for polluting the environment in a small Minnesota town, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible.

In Oakdale, MN, dozens of children and teens are being diagnosed with, and killed by, cancer. Cancer that is likely caused by massive amounts of PFAS contamination, thanks to a nearby 3M facility. At least 21 cases of cancer have been confirmed in just 15 years in the town.

In Williamtown, Australia, the toll of PFAS contamination has reached up to 50 cases of cancer — all within 5 kilometres of each other. As the Sydney Morning Herald contends, “the two communities, on either side of the world, have both been heavily polluted with toxic per- and poly-fluoroalkyl [PFAS] chemicals, historically manufactured by chemical giant 3M.”

In Australia, 90 communities are being investigated for PFAS contamination, as well. Indeed, it seems contamination from PFAS is everywhere. And now, the lawsuit from Minnesota has opened a massive can of worms for 3M.

Documents show 3M used Giesy for massive disinformation campaign

“3M engaged in a widespread campaign to conceal the risks posed by PFAS from the public — a campaign that continues to this day,” Minnesota prosecutors claim. After 3M reached a $850 million legal settlement with Minnesota Attorney-General Lori Swanson, damning internal documents were unearthed. These documents point to Professor Giesy as one of many “tools” employed by the company to bury the science on PFAS. 3M had a laundry list of tactics to, as they themselves called it, “command the science” on their toxic compounds.

Giesy may be denying his involvement, but emails and other internal documents have a different story to tell. Professor Giesy’s consulting company received payments from 3M between the years of 1998 and 2009. In an email to a 3M lab manager, Giesy explained that his role with the company was to keep  “bad papers out of the literature” because in “litigation situations they can be a large obstacle to refute.”

Giesy was an editor for a number of academic journals — and source says that at least half the papers on PFAS during any given year went to him for review. “Some journals … for conflict-of-interest issues will not allow an industry to review a paper about one of their products. That is where I came in,” Giesy wrote in a separate email.

“In time sheets, I always listed these reviews as literature searches so that there was no paper trail to 3M,” he continued.

There are a host of other allegations against Professor Giesy, thanks to the internal documents uncovered during the Minnesota suit. These startling revelations once again show why truly independent science is so important — especially for public and environmental health.

Learn more about real science at

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EXCLUSIVE: Death Of The Justice System! – 34 Yr Legal Fight Exposes Widespread Court Fraud

Judges Don’t Want To believe That Government Officials Don’t Lie In Court Under Oath, They Did! Transcripts Were Altered!! Eugene Wzorek Was Employed By the City As A Truck Driver, Fired By The City For Political Reasons, And Has Been Fighting For Justice For 34 Years!

Eugene’s Lawyer Is Now In Hospital Recovering From Second Degree Burns When His House Was Set On Fire While He Slept!


“The Deep State Strikes Back” Is The First Documentary That Fully Explains “Spygate” — See It Now, Exclusively At

The biggest political scandal in the history of the country has been detailed for the first time in a brand-new documentary series available exclusively for Real.Video, the just-launched pro-liberty video sharing platform that doesn’t censor content the Left finds objectionable.

Image: “The Deep State Strikes Back” is the first documentary that fully explains “Spygate” — see it now, exclusively at

The documentary, “The Deep State Strikes Back,” details how corrupt elements of the Obama FBI, DoJ and DNC tried to frame Donald Trump, destroy his presidency and nullify democracy.

Mind-boggling corruption revealed and uncensored

In particular, this incredible documentary notes:

— As the summer of 2016 began and Trump’s popularity was rising, operatives within the Clinton campaign, the Deep State and Obama White House concocted an “insurance plan” of sorts to put in place should Trump somehow, some way come out on top in the upcoming November election.

— Beginning in July 2016, men and women of the FBI and Justice Department launched an operation to spy on Trump’s campaign. Disguised as a counterintelligence probe, the FBI would even go so far as to cultivate sources within Trump’s campaign.

— The operation would be based on a fabricated allegation of Russian collusion.

— Trump’s victory in the 2016 election over Hillary Clinton, whom President Obama and the Democratic Party and Democrat-aligned media had essentially expected to ‘coronate,’ shocked the Deep State, but operatives nonetheless had a plot in place to undermine him. That plot had been hatched months earlier.

— Trump’s first national security advisor, Michael Flynn — a former Defense Intelligence Agency head — would have known he was being monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies when he spoke to Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, so claiming he “lied” to FBI agents who asked him about it later was absurd.

— In February 2017, Flynn’s identity was leaked to the media by an Obama-era operative as having had discussions with the Russian diplomat — again, as part of the fabricated Russia-collusion narrative. Those would have been the discussions he had while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, a conversation that was not in any way illegal or improper.

— During March 2017 testimony before the House, then-FBI Director James Comey, who was revealed to have likely been involved in the Spygate scheme and resultant cover-up, could not explain why he failed to notify Congress for nine months that his agency and the Justice Department had launched a “counterintelligence” probe of the 2016 Trump campaign as well as President Trump’s current administration. At the time it was FBI practice to inform appropriate congressional committees every three months of high-profile counterintelligence investigations. Comey’s excuse was lame.

— As Summer 2017 approached, the Russian collusion narrative began to crumble. For one, despite an avalanche of leaks, no hard evidence of any collusion was produced – despite the existence of several congressional and federal investigations.

Watch the video below, or visit the video directly at

This is what free speech is supposed to look like

As for the platform where this first-of-its-kind Spygate documentary has been released, Real.Video is a true free-market, free speech alternative to other platforms like YouTube and Facebook where banning or censoring certain kinds of content — conservative pro-Liberty news and information, alternative medicine and natural health, and practically everything regarding guns and gun instruction — has become routine.

As site founder Mike Adams noted: is a robust video platform that’s free for everyone to use. We have committed over $1 million to this project so far, and it’s being built on a video infrastructure that can readily support over one billion video views per month. Users will be able to embed video players on their blogs and websites, and videos play seamlessly across multiple mobile devices and platforms due to dynamic bit-rate video delivery and intelligent video transcoding.

There will be opportunities for content contributors to earn money too. Click here for that information.

See more uncensored news and content at Real.Video.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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The Establishment Are NOT God! They Just Tell You There Is No Such Thing As Mothers And Fathers, They Tell You That Vaccines Are Safe And Effective, That GMO Is Good For You! That Socialism And Communism Are Good. It’s A Mind Game With Some Pumpkin Headed Demon Witch, With A Bunch Of Scum Bag Hollywood Trash, Running Around Calling For Civil War And Death! The Free World is In A Fight For Its Life!