Treasonous Generals Isolating Trump In Preparation For Coup

The Family And The Stock Market Are Under Attack, Total Censorship is Coming Into Play. And The Criminal Corporate Elite, Aligned With The Deep State And Radical Islam, Have Formed An Unholy Alliance, And Are Planning To Remove President Trump In A Coup!

Understand, President Donald Trump, Is The ONLY World Leader That Isn’t Under The Control Of The Criminal Corporate Globalist Elite! This Is Why There Is Such A Huge Attack Against Him And A Plan To Assassinate Him! If This Assassination Occurs, The Entire World Will Descend Into A New Dark Age That Will Make The Book 1984 Look Like A Nursery Rhyme! We All Need To Pray For The One World Leader Standing Against This Evil Cabal!


Mark Of The Beast Pushed Here In America

Approximately Fifty (50) Employees At A Vending Machine Technology Marketing Company, Based In Wisconsin, Have Decided To Ignore the Book of Revelations, Eugenics, The Existence Of The New World Order, And Common Sense, To Gleefully Act As Guinea Pigs For The Acceptance Of Microchip Technology! 

How Long Before One of The Female Employees Has A Chip Implanted That Remotely Vaccinates Them, In Order To Test Eugenicist Bill Gates Goals?