Hungary Declares George Soros An Agent Of Satan

Its All A Part Of A World Wide Move Against The Pedophiles And The Satanic Elite! We Are In A True Time That Tries Humanity’s Souls!

The Criminal Corporate Globalist Satanic Elite Is Becoming Uncloacked!



Robert Kiyosaki: I Am Horrified By Our Market

We Are Being Ripped Off By The Very People We Trust With Our Money! – Robert Kiyosaki.  Warren Buffet Is Saying Stay With The Stock Markets, Meanwhile, He Is Getting His Money Out As Fast As He Can!

Why Is there No Financial Education In Schools?  The Monetary System Is Fake Money! The Harder You Work For Money The More Tax You Pay! If You Exchange Your Time For Money You Will Never Have Both!

Viral Sensation Brandon Tatum: The Left Is Terrified Of The Truth – *NOTE* Searches For This Original Video Are Being Blocked

Stephen Paddock, The Alleged Shooter, Purchased Firearms Legally In A Country That Already Has Some Of The Strictest Gun Laws! The Call By The Left To Blame Firearms And Ban Guns Is Patently Ridiculous! This Is Clearly A Move To Remove The Publics Right To Defend Itself From A Tyrannical Government! 


Powerful Multi-National Forces Working With Radical Islam In Western Countries To Remove Basic Freedoms

Powerful Multi-National Forces Are Working Through Radical Islam To Launch Terror Attacks In The US, Europe, And Australia, The West In General, To Drive Us Into Political Submission! 

Conservatives, White People, Gun Owners Are Being Labeled Terrorists By Sick Evil Demented Scum! Humanity Is In An Information War And A War For the Very Soul Of Humanity Itself! 

Vegas Massacre Solved! Cover-Up Exposed

Evidence Of More Than One Shooter And A Massive Coverup! Eyewitnesses Confirm, That A Male And Female Were Circulating In The Crowd Warning People That They Would Die If they Didn’t Leave The Area Of the Concert Just Prior To the Shooting.

Stephen Paddock Has A Classic Intelligence Background. Spends Millions Of Dollars At Casinos Each Year! Intelligence Operatives Whistleblowers Have Stated They Have Been Told To Go Along With The Cover Up!  Stephen Paddock Was In The Hotel To Sell Guns To A Radical Islamist Group! He Was Killed By The Islamists And Left In The Room To Be The Patsy!

Incredible Must See Video Documents Multiple Shooters In Vegas Massacre

Most People Are Walking Around In A Trance. It Actually Takes People Dying Around Them For Them To Look Up From Thier Mobile Phones And Pay Attention! The Left Is Aligned With Radical Islam And Unless We Give The Country And Our Children Over To Evil, They Will Kill Randomly!

The Only Way Humanity Will Lose Against These Evil Globalist Satanists, Is To Give In To Them!


Former Prosecutor: Who, What, Why Of Vegas Shooting

Occam’s Razor: “The Simplest Answer Is Usually Correct”! Who Benefits From This? Gun Laws Are Not The Issue! Who Was The Other Shooter? I Am Not A Conspiracy Theorist, I’m A Conspiracy Analyst – Gore Vidal

The Mainstream Media Will Not Report The Truth. Mainstream Media, Globally, Are The Mouthpiece Of The Criminal Corporate Globalist Satanic Elite! How Will The Shadow Government Use This Event To Take Away Our Freedoms?